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The Value and Benefits of Strategic Thinking Value and Benefits of Strategic Thinking J. Glenn Ebersole, Jr., Chief Executive of J. G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group thinking plays an enormous role in my professional work and is part of the branding of my multi disciplinary consultancy. You will find the phrase, Strategic Thinking Consultancy directly underneath the logo for The Renaissance Group You also see it in the title of this newsletter: Guiding Lines Thoughts From Your Strategic Thinking Coach. Having noted that, I want to emphasize the value and benefits of strategic thinking for you and your business. It is a reality in business today that strategic thinking and the execution of strategic planning are some of the most difficult tasks for business leaders. Although it is easier to be tactical or task oriented, the business leader must be strategic or risk becoming very shortsighted. Therefore a clear understanding of the value and the benefits of strategic thinking are very important. Here is a list of my thoughts on the value of strategic thinking. 1. staying at the front or leading edge of change 2. optimizing the ability to shape and leverage change to the company advantage4. creating a sense of unity for the company 5. providing proactive leadership 7. thinking systemically with a whole systems approach 8. becoming a life long learning organization 9. providing an effective system to solve major problems 10. improving an understanding of the business environment And now a list of my thoughts on the benefits of strategic thinking. 1. improved guidance on actions to achieve the company vision and mission 2. an early detection nike tank tops system to warn of nike t shirt sale changes 3. creation of a proactive leadership culture 4. identification of competitors and opponents 5. identification of business allies 6. long term survival of the business 7. elimination of reactive decision making 8. a competitive advantage 9. agility and capacity to respond positively to change 10. ability to cope with contingencies Strategic thinking involves many thinking skills. It is a very creative, dynamic and powerful nike yeezy 1 skill that can and will energize you and your interactions with others and prepare you for the unknown of the future in your business and personal endeavors.

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