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Tim Weber discusses technology in Whiteside talk "This is fun stuff," Weber said. "I haven't worked on something this fun in a long time. This is the fourth industrial revolution, and it's happening right here in Corvallis." Weber ran through the first three such revolutions, a steam driven one led by Great Britain, a mass production model led by the United States and a production automation form that fueled the rise of the Chinese economy. This revolution, Weber said, will be local, because 3D printing removes the need for nike e marketing raw materials to be shipped to factories in China with the finished products being shipped back. "Stuff is going to be built in your town," Weber said. "In Corvallis and maybe Eugene well, no, not in Eugene," he added to laughter from the crowd of more than 100 at the Whiteside Theatre. Weber was upfront about the dislocations this fourth revolution might produce. Weber emphasized nike j guard that HP "is not a materials company," and that it is working with high wattage international partners such as BMW, Nike, BASF and Siemens on an open platform basis that all but assuredly will accelerate the pace of innovation and change. About two thirds of the way into the lecture Weber lost this reporter, when he launched into a discussion of HP's multijet fusion technology. It didn't get any better when he moved on to fabrication of functional polymer nanocomposites. Then he reeled it back in when he started talking about the things 3D printers will be able to do with color, elasticity and texture. nike tennis shoes His example was an automobile tire whose tread would be color coordinated. When you see red peeking through the tires, you know it's time to head to the tire store. No more pulling quarters out of your pocket to measure tread depth!Weber noted that there is a 3D printer on the international space station. Here is a look at da Vinci Days events through the weekend. All events are free, although there is a $5 parking charge at the fairgrounds. Bike parking is free. water exit at Michael's Landing, then road race through downtown and OSU to finish line at fairgrounds.

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