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´╗┐Police nab alleged 'ninja' burglar Anne Constable He told police his name was Josh. But one Los Alamos police officer recognized him and quickly confirmed that the young man was Shalom Katz, the alleged 'ninja' burglar wanted for crimes in Santa Fe. An anonymous tip led the officers to a Los Alamos home Saturday where they encountered the 17 year old in the front yard. The teenage fugitive, whom police say dressed as a ninja and used a hatchet to rob a downtown jewelry store, apparently did not resist when taken into custody. "Other than giving a false name, he was cooperative; he didn't try to run," said Santa Fe Police Capt. Gerald Rivera. Two days earlier, however, when Santa Fe police were en route to the Katz home on the city's west side to arrest him, Katz fled. Rivera said he didn't know how the teenager had eluded nike jerseys police or where he had been living while on the lam. Katz was released into the custody of Santa Fe police and transported to the juvenile detention center, where he was held on a missing delinquent juvenile pickup order and charged with robbery. Police also last week issued a warrant for his arrest on a burglary charge. His arraignment will most likely be on Monday or Tuesday, Rivera said. On Sept. 20, a man dressed in dark clothing used a hatchet to nike quarter zip womens break the glass from a display case and stole $4,000 worth of jewelry from the Dell Fox Jewelry Store on Montezuma Avenue. In a search of the Katz home and that of a friend of Shalom Katz, police this week found dark clothing, two hatchets, a black hooded cloth and other items but not jewelry. Police also suspect Katz in an auto burglary that took place six days after the jewelry heist. In that case, a purse and a $95,000 diamond ring were taken from a car in the 200 block of East Palace Avenue. According to police reports, a woman who tried to buy drugs in Cathedral Park nike y jordan was referred to a boy named Shalom. She apparently gave him $100 and received a ring missing its stone as collateral. When the teen did not return with the drugs, the woman pawned the ring. The ring was later recovered by police, who confirmed it was the one stolen in the auto burglary, although the three carat diamond was missing. Katz has a long juvenile record. At age 14, he pleaded no contest to aggravated burglary and to two counts of armed robbery in connection with a 2007 home invasion in which two victims were beaten with a baseball bat. Katz was sent to an Albuquerque treatment center but has violated his probation several times since his release. In March, he was caught trying to shoplift a hatchet from a store in the Santa Fe Place mall. Police also are investigating whether he had anything to do with recent robberies of the Nike Factory Store.

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