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´╗┐Chelsea team for 2017 Sarcasm is often derided but few put downs have been more economical nor effective as the contribution of today. Tempting as it may be to wish to be seen as ahead of the game and leap to conclusions based upon ill conceived press opinion or uncooked personal judgement, the benefits of considered assessment are legion. For example: mid season views on here that a review of our defence personnel might be required post season was summarily rejected by many who felt that the return of Zouma and Christensen would render any post season activity in this area redundant. I recall pointing out (to a deafening silence astonishment) that neither player could be regarded as sound in the context of the, then, opinion. Zouma had had a very bad injury from which many players either do not recover or return somewhat less of a player than they were. As highly as I may then have rated Christensen may point back then was that, already, he was making it plain that he wanted to stay in Germany and that two years away from the fold had not improved his love for Chelsea. Yes, he has a contract but do we wish to retain players who want to be elsewhere? Little has happened to change my view on either player. Already a loan for Zouma is seen as being needed for him to regain former abilities and, I sorry, this cannot be guaranteed. Christensen? Have I heard correctly that he may be used as a deal making make weight? The nett of this analysis is that with the departure of Ivanovich and Terry and the further encroachment of Cahill into the unwelcome 30 anyone on here who does not see the potential need for two quality defenders is simply not paying attention. Yes, we have Ake back in the fold and Aina may be but we shall be playing CL football next season, representing an increase in quality as well as games. The same is true of our strike force. Already under manned we are said to be losing Costa. In view of the point made above weeed two really good front players. I read that Conte likes Morata. So be it; he knows more about football and this player than me but anyone who feels that Lukaku could be the other player saddens me. As I have said before, he is a fine, accomplished PL player but those of you who saw the Monaco/Juventus game the other night will have wondered (or you should have) quite how Master Lukaku would fathom the problems created by Messrs Bonucci and Chiellini were we drawn against them in a CL game. This challenge requires, in my opinion, rather more than Lukaku has to offer. Think Bellotti or Mbappe former for preference. Like I am inclined to think Moses is being damned with faint praise but, then again, would a Verratti by better? Or Kessie seems to have admirers. Either would be excellent and the thought that we might still have Moses is a comfort rather than a slight. It would be good were we to secure a move for a loyal Begovic which case we will need another number two No.1. So, all of a sudden I find the six new players touted by some eminently reasonable. However, as was also said, that many newcomers is rate not to say disruptive so I guess it is unlikely unless it is over two windows. But it doesn lessen the perceived need maybe a need that needs to be under scored if we mean to keep Conte and Hazard and perform as we hope in Europe. I think Moses is plenty good enough nike shoes just released and can become a world leading wing back. The fella has been outstanding in a new role this season. Now you posters instead of saying good enough why don see that if he is able to come out of this season shinning in a new role that everyone wrote off for in the beginning then he can be good enough to push on and develop more within the role and watch him do just that. Theres a reason Chelsea reacted quickly to give him a new contract this season amid Barcelona interest. When we turn over the calendar page headed to reveal we know that the present football season is nearly over. True, the weeks of May have many issues still unanswered; great triumphs and sad results in the leagues and cups to mention the Play Offs. But, for the majority it is the equivalent of down the clock Irrespective of status however another emotion begins to emerge season. Already transfer possibilities cover the back pages as names of players are bandied about, most of them pure fiction as the press vie with each other by competing for circulation with ever more ridiculous stories. But it was to that we were able to turn when he launched this thread on 2nd May. I offered my hopes for 2017/18 on May 5th (above) and I am not going to go over that again. But I did make one terrible omission this came home to me as I watched the post match events after our comprehensive Middlesbrough win. It was not only the team performance that struck me nor, in its single application the handling of the team by Antonio Conte from the game at Old Trafford I think that Conte handling of the team has been all but flawless. So, what was it? Answer the sheer class of the man. A man at what is virtually his moment of triumph has the class to think of a defeated opponent and distraught fans who have travelled from the other end of the country on a Monday night to follow their team on what most thought was a lost cause. We see post loads of notes about all about trophies and am not interested in the background winning is all that matters It isn Much else characterises a club and Conte, either as a man or a custodian of our reputation knows this. How we are thought of DOES matter and although the way we play and the plaudits we draw are important, so is the way we are thought of. So, aren we lucky? And that is the point. Amidst all of the chat about this player or that one there are persistent stories about Antonio Conte leaving us. On many levels that would be a disaster. Not just because of his style, or his coaching or his management but also the way in which he might influence who joins us in the summer. And this was the element I ignored in my post on 5th May. Not for the first time I shall say again that hiring Conte was our best signing last summer; it could also be the best signing in 2017 too. I couldn agree more with your thoughts about Conte. I have supported Chelsea since the early 90 and in that time we have been lucky to have some great managers that have led us to many achievements but my opinion in that time Conte has been my most enjoyed manager. Comparing his application to all areas of management he has excelled above all before him in my opinion. He is smart and composed with the press, he is a seriously hard worker, he has compassion and understanding to everyone involved in the sport, he is always so busy conducting on the touchline, he understands the fans, the way he celebrates and lastly he has this balance between good guy and bad guy when he needs to be. My feeling and what you point out is that Conte is a man that is honest full of honour and true to himself. I think he will stay with Chelsea for the duration of his Contract (3 years), Conte came for the project and I think at very least he wants to lead us into a Champions League campaign. Thank you for your additional thoughts, bort. I agree that we need to do everything possible to retain our coach but, sadly, a contract may nor be enough in the end. From what I understand, this has nothing to do with Chelsea, money or conditions. It is about something much more important Anyone on assignment in a foreign land needs his (or her) family around them and they need to be happy and content. Again, as I understand it, Antonio Conte family spends most of their time in Italy and the sub story is that Antonio cannot settle in London because of this and one has to sympathise. Like everyone else I have no idea if this is so but, if it is, I can truly understand the problem. It was ever thus; a few years ago it was said to be family concerns that affected Hernan Crespo time wi

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