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´╗┐Usain Bolt to double endorsements earnings after 100m win He believes the Jamaican will double his sponsorship earnings after the winning sprint in London. The 25 year old is already the highest paid Olympian outside of basketball and tennis at this year Games with estimated earnings of 20.3 million over the past year, according to US business magazine Forbes in a report last month. But it was his 2008 triumph in Beijing that saw nike elite many other sponsors outside the field of athletics, such as watchmaker Hublot, communications company Virgin Media, car manufacturer Nissan, credit card giant Visa and nike golf shirts Soul Electronic jump on the Bolt bandwagon, Forbes reported. "Generally speaking the larger the audience and bigger appeal an athlete commands, the higher nike h web glove their commercial value and size of the endorsement deals they should expect to net," Chris Styring, the general manager of research company Sweeney Sports and Entertainment, said. "Athletes such as Roger Federer and Usain Bolt who compete at the highest levels in sports that are easily accessible, globally broadcast on free to air channels and appeal to both genders will generate big off track deals," he added.

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