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´╗┐Statue Of First Black nike id Man To Win Heisman Trophy In 1961 Sporting Nike Shoes The history of statues dates back well before records were ever nike baseball kept, with animals probably being among the first type of statue to serve the ritualistic purpose of worship. Even today, we still honour those who have done what no other could do with the unveiling of a frozen replica or likeness: a statue. Ernie Davis, the first black American Football player to win the Heisman Trophy and who died from AML, a type of leukemia, at the young age of 23 back in May of 1963, was honoured this past Saturday with the unveiling of a statue of his likeness at Syracuse University, NY. According to a news article, the statue's creator had added a very unique trademark; one that was not around during the time of Davis' leading Syracuse to a national title or his winning the Heisman Trophy: the swoosh. The statue has Davis wearing his famous No. 44 jersey, but NIKE'' is inscribed on the heel of each cleat, there's a swoosh on his chest, and he's holding a helmet much different from the one he wore. The faux pas was explained as an "honest mistake" since the sculptor, 82 year old Bruno Lucchesi of New York City, NY completed his clay and bronzing masterpiece from both a picture of Davis and football gear provided by the University. Syracuse University spokesperson, Kevin Morrow, was quoted in AOL sports: The sculptor realized there was an era specific discrepancy with the shoes and the helmet,' [and said] the university took possession of the statue in early August, but it was kept secure in its protective packaging to avoid damage until it was moved to its final destination and unwrapped late last week. They apparently wanted to unveil the statue in conjunction with the world premier of The Express a movie about Davis' life, which was held at the Landmark Theatre in downtown Syracuse nike youth size chart on Friday and opens across the nation in October. The sculptor will be removing the era specific errors. Nike was contacted about the trademark under speculation of involvement. They denied any. Lucchesi was contracted to create the statue of Davis because a 2007 statue of him "didn't come out the way we expected." That rushed masterpiece currently sits behind Carrier Stadium.

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