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´╗┐Noel Palmer A: "My goals coming into the season were definitely to break 18 [minutes]. That was accomplished and so, basically, the goal was to be competitive in every race that I ran. Not win, just be up there." Q: Obviously, the biggest achievement was your state title run. How did you prepare? A: "I had trained really hard during the middle part of the season and even extending into conference and regionals. Then I cut back and dropped my mileage. Not too nike employee store hours much, but enough." Q: Tell me about the day you won states. Did you feel like you had a good chance? A: "I really didn't. My goal with the whole state thing was just to honor and glorify God because I'm a Christian. Glass senior] Libby [Davidson] is an incredible runner. She's really brought running all across the country to a different level. I really didn't think I'd be able to beat her. I knew she'd had some injuries, but I didn't know how serious they were. nike kd 10 So the goal that day was to stay as close to her as I could." Q: What were your feelings when you crossed the finish line? A: "I was just relieved because I have the tendency to be kind of negative when I'm running. I've had races where I'd be running and someone would catch me. . So I was relieved and thankful." Q: What was your favorite moment from the cross country season? A: "I would definitely say running at the Milestat Invitational, because it was a really competitive field just knowing the best runners in the state were there." Q: When did you start running and why? A: "I didn't really seriously start running indoor and outdoor [track and field] and cross country until eighth grade. I really wasn't good at any other sport I tried. But my dad, he ran cross country in college, but he had a lot of injury problems and wasn't able to nike yeezy 1 run anymore. When he told me all that and how much running meant to him, I really thought it would be special to run and do a lot of things he never got to do." Q: Is there a particular runner that has influenced you? A: "I would say, absolutely, Libby Davidson. Just ever since I've seen her run, I've wanted to be as fast as she is. . She just made me strive every day to try to be better. I'm really thankful to live in the same area as she does and to race against her so often, because she's made me a better runner." Q: What's your favorite place to run in Lynchburg? A: "Blackwater Creek. Mostly, it's pretty flat." Runner of the YearYEAR: Senior ALL STAR STUFF: She won four events in 2016 and never finished worse than fourth place in any event. Noel Palmer has been on the local running radar for several years, but she broke out in her senior year. Then, on Nov. 12, Palmer ran away with the 4A state championships, winning by 15 seconds over Loudoun Valley's Natalie Morris. It was a race that featured some of the best young talent in the state. Glass. She didn't think she'd win that day, but she left with another notch on her already impressive resume. Q: This area is loaded with some of the most talented competition in the state. Why do you think that's the case? A: "I definitely know Libby's made everyone get better. She's made everyone raise the bar. But as to why, I'm not really sure what it is about this area." Q: What's the hardest part of cross country, the physical or mental challenges? A: "I definitely think the mental side, probably just because racing is so mental. Usually, when you have a bad race, you're in shape to do a lot better that you did, but maybe you weren't focused and you told yourself you couldn't do it. The physical part isn't that hard."

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