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For the Love of Hip Hop at the Blue Nile Minneapolis might have produced the quintessential multiculti motto ("White, black, Puerto Rican/Everybody just a freakin'," from Prince's "Uptown"), but truly integrated partying remains a tad scarce in this town. nike sb shoes At the Blue Nile last Saturday night, though, whites, blacks, lesbians, Africans, and a handful of young but old school B girls were breaking, doing the electric nike d line watch boogie, and milling about with great one world style. The event was For the Love of Hip Hop, a benefit for the B Girl Be Summit, coming April through June at Intermedia Arts. Between listening to the not always so current Current and attending this event, I had some trouble living in the musical present this week. I had more fun at the Blue Nile. By definition, nostalgia is melancholy, but For the Love of Hip Hop didn't feel that way. It felt j&s nike shoes alive, like some of the folks in the house might use this history to write tomorrow.

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