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´╗┐Retailers and insurers get taxed more has high corporate taxes compared with other developed countries. pay more in taxes than companies that do nike blazer a lot of business overseas. Retailers, utilities, health insurance companies have relatively high tax bills for those reasons, while technology companies, pharmaceuticals makers and energy companies can make a lot more money in other countries. is 35 percent. Companies generally don't pay that much, but they can have dramatically different nike elite backpack tax bills depending on where they make their money. Take Macy's, Wal Mart and Nike, all retailers. That's one important reason Macy's pays higher taxes. FactSet says that over the last five years, Macy's average effective tax rate, or the percentage of its net income that it pays in state and federal taxes, has been more than 35 percent. Wal Mart's tax rate was 31.5 percent and Nike's tax bill was around 23 percent. are taxed. "The tax cut is very important for principally domestic companies, but for these multinationals it's not nearly as important as the repatriation opportunity," said Bob Willens, a CPA who teaches a course on corporate tax policy nike l size as Columbia Business School.

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