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´╗┐Ellen Page still grounded Yes, Ellen Page is tiny, but it's because she has no additives or filler. Despite the current frenzy over her work in The East, next year's X Men: Days Of Future Past and her upcoming role in the Beyond: Two Souls video game, the diminutive Canadian, 26, maintains a zero bull t level. Currently filming the new X Men entry that sees her return as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Page is like all involved sworn to secrecy on details. She will say she's excited about the "awesome" cast, she praises her director, and she says, "It's so cool to be back," in that world. On Friday, Page is in theatres in The East, a thriller directed by Zal nike hi trainers Batmanglij (Sound Of My Voice) that co stars Brit Marling and Alexander Skarsgard. Marling plays an employee of a private intelligence firm who must infiltrate an anarchist collective. The underground group, which includes characters played by Page and Skarsgard, fights the corporate world by creating havoc for multinationals and begins to influence Marling's belief system. "The East allows an exploration into the ideas behind the actions that take place," says Page, who talked about hacktivist groups, feminism and her interest in alternate news sources. "Versus watching the news and seeing some kid throw a brick through a Nike store or a Starbucks all you hear is, 'That kid is angry, that kid is causing destruction.' But you hear nothing about the ideas behind the brick." She adds, "NOT that I'm saying it's the right thing to throw the brick! At all! I'm saying there are ideas there that aren't presented because the media can be shallow in what they explore." Page started acting at the age of 10, and so grew up in the public eye. nike womens She was, as she tells it, "Very, very lucky," that Canadian actor John Dunsworth came to her school and nike yeezy 2 chose her to audition for a CBC movie of the week called Pit Pony. "And I thought, 'This will be some silly thing, and then you'll go back to school,' but then it turned into a TV show, and that led to something else, and that led to something else." She praises her parents for trusting her and allowing her to be independent as she pursued her career. "I liked learning resilience. That is a beautiful lesson to learn. Is life not just a contest lesson in letting go and not attaching? "Yeah, there were parts I wanted and didn't get, and that's devastating when you're 12, 13, but you get it all out of your system. Then you start learning to just start experiencing life and the way it's beautiful and funny and weird and not that linear." The actress says movies such as Marion Bridge and Wilby Wonderful are among her fondest experiences. "They made me feel something, a feeling I couldn't describe but wanted to chase, wanted to learn more about. That's a testament to the talent in Canada." As part of that talent pool, Page worked steadily, moving easily between indie films and big Hollywood movies; when the film Juno somehow combined those audiences in 2007, Page got a whole new public profile. She went on to such films as Whip It, Inception and To Rome With Love; then again, she also found time for Peacock, Super and Lynn Shelton's Touchy Feely. The only time the articulate Page falters a little is when she's asked about celebrity. "I never ever think of myself in that, um, I forget, you know?" She looks embarrassed. "Obviously, the impact and the change right after Juno was an intense transition to go though, but then you go back to living your life," she says. "I think for some people it's unavoidable, like, if you're the lead of Twilight, what are you supposed to do?" she adds, kindly. "But I can live my life and just be a person."

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