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´╗┐Wharton administration says city employees need to "Let's say for a second we did that what are we going to do next year and the year after this isn't like you put the money down in the problem goes away." But protestors say the new budget has created new problems for their families and the city seems to be ignoring that. File said, "They strap on vests, they strap on fire gear, they lay their lives down for this city." This problem doesn't appear to be going away either. The mayor's administration say undoing this budget goes against state law, and they've still got the pension to deal with. Imagine that you retire after 25 nike hypervenom 30 years with a company. You will receive 60 65% of your ending salary. You pay $300 a month for healthcare. And people decide with a wave of their pens, 7 people who will never worry about their healthcare, to force your payment to balloon to $1600 a month. What in the hell are you supposed to do? You are too old to work, have health issues, and have a family. Seriously, what are you supposed to do? If this happened at ANY of the businesses in this area, like Fed Ex, people would be striking and rioting. Oh, but civil servants should just bend the knee? Do these people understand that the unemployment rate and underpaid salaries of those who are employed in this city plays a role in the lack of tax base for the city, county, and state government or they just don care. How do they exoect us to pay more when we are unemployed or on fixed income. They need to wake up to the facts. Additionally, for the last several years police officers have been caught doing everything but their jobs. The crime (excluning police officers crime) is not different now than it was when the city was overstaffed. People need to understand. this is the only insurance we can get and no one even in the private sector pays $1600/mo. Because we paid into our own pension (our money) we did not have to pay into medicare most are ineligible for Medicare and cannot get that insurance do not qualify for Obamcare because the city still offers us insurance if we opt out have to go in with previous medical condition which is gonna be as much as they are going to charge us know the private sector thinks our pension checks are a lot of money but most are less than what the public gets for medicare reason we took the job it was what they used to entice us to work for your fair city. now they are hurting the seniors who gave them the nike 8097 years and now they are gonna leave them broke! Think about nike 8 vapor woven it. I sure quite a few people on here have already looked at it, but have ya looked at the City of Memphis budget and where they allocate our money? Just take a look see and it will make your blood boil. 4 million dollars alone for GOLF? an unbelievable amount allocated to the City Attorneys Office and yet they pay their well over the regular rate to represent our fair City when they have attorneys on staff who can do the work on the salary they are already paid. It is amazing how many of the city administration are driving new Mercedes Benz, Lexus, BMW, Cadillacs and others I don recall right off. Of course then you have the mayor being chauffeured around in a brand new Cadillac at the tax payers expense. The budget problem is not employee benefit or union based. It is Memphis leaders that are sponging off the tax payers while they get the citizens looking the other way. The city charter forbids what they are doing. You don spend money on your special projects when you can pay your bills that you currently have. Seriously, go sit in front of the Mud Island parking garage and watch what comes out of city hall.

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