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´╗┐Michigan State unveils special football uniforms for Michigan game They look great but someone should have thought it through. Head cheerleading coach to Coach Dantonio: squad likes the new football uniforms coach, except for one problem. When they say Green, Go White they be cheering for the NY Jets. Wisconsin unveiled its new Yellow and Purple uniforms for its throwback day to be scheduled in 3 weeks. When asked, former AD Barry Alvarez said from a secret island in the Caribbean, was just time for us to show our fans the traditional Wisconsin look that we have waited for, while embracing the future Interestingly, the Wisconsin uniforms will include no shoulder pads, and Alvarez added, all the cheese that is served in the cafeterias, we are bulking up our players the natural way You all should read MSU press statement, which is nike joggers very eye opening. First, it claims that MSU had helmets before UM did (a la Crisler). Is this true? And second, it points out that Dantonio got a Nike paid junket to Hawaii. I don like the sounds of that, particularly in light of the scandals erupting all over, the limits being placed on physicians accepting even lunch from a pharm rep, and the players supposedly getting Nothing like sleeping with your sponsor to blur amateur sports from paid advertising (I know, I know, it blurred already). But most importantly, MSU statement nike quarterly earnings claims that there is no real tradition in MSU costume, er uh, uniform design. This uniform is horrible. Doesn even stay true to the and white Bronze? Black? Enough with the changes. Let get to tradition. And go blue. Link to MSU statement:MSU did use the winged helmet before UM, so did Ohio State and several other teams. UM gets points for sticking with it though, it is their signature nowadays. The article does say that the uniforms have been tweaked a lot in MSU history and that in and of itself nike yoga pants is a tradition. Tradition doesn necessarily just mean never changing something. A tradition could be wearing a newly designed uniform for one game every year. It is a special one time uniform so what if it isn just green and white. MSU did use gold and black helmets a long time ago so it does tie to the past. By the way it doesn look like Notre Dame alternate uniforms that they occasionally wear. ND doesn use black, they use a much lighter green and they have gold helmets. The helmets for they special uniforms is bronze with a big green strip and Spartan logo. Thanks to the poster for at least getting the color right.

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